Véronique Mercier

Executive Director, Association de la construction du Québec-Région de Québec

Véronique Mercier has a degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing and worked mainly as a strategic consultant during the first years of her career.

In 2013, she became director of communications and operations at ACQ-Québec. Since then, she has been working on internal restructuring of the organization, improving processes and enhancing training. Recognized for her keen sense of business development, she quickly forged a number of major partnerships that enabled the association to improve the services offered to its members. Through her proactive approach and knowledge of community organizations, she was able to make her mark within the network, and in early 2017 she was promoted to the position of executive director. Her inspiring leadership style allows her to direct major projects and work in concert with multidisciplinary teams from various departments of a regional association that is an integral part of the largest employer group in the Quebec construction industry.

Véronique on LinkedIn     acq.org     @ACQprovinciale

14:15 — Diversity – have we made any progress?

Duncan Williams
Véronique Mercier
Jason Henderson

Gardenia III

We all know diversity is critical to the ongoing health of the industry. Join us for this spirited discussion on working successfully to attract and retain a diverse workforce.

Duncan, Véronique, and Jason’s presentation