Paula Goebel

Communications, Productivity, Inter-generational Workplace Expert, Speakers Bureau of Canada

Paula Goebel delivers high-energy and practical professional development workshops, seminars and keynotes. She is a seasoned speaker, corporate trainer and educator specializing in the areas of business communications, leadership, and personal growth. Paula has captivated and empowered audiences from across Canada for over 20 years. Her sessions consistently receive rave reviews.

Paula is well known for her humour and real-life examples. Since 2000, the Portuguese-born, Edmonton-raised professional speaker has taught various courses and workshops for MacEwan University Business Corporate Learning and Continuing Education spread across the communications spectrum, from effective business writing and email etiquette to presentation skills.

Paula’s goal is to provide business professionals with tools and strategies for increasing their communication skills and productivity in today’s competitive workplace. In addition, for the past 17 years, Paula has been an instructor in the School of Continuing Education at MacEwan University.

14:15 — Succeeding in a multi-generational workplace

Paula Goebel

Gardenia I & II

For the first time in history, organizations have four generations working side by side, and each generation has its unique characteristics and communication style. Learn about each generation’s unique skills, values and work styles to help you better communicate in the multi-generational workplace.

Paula’s presentation