Lawrence Simon

Advisory Board member, Nanophyll Inc.

Lawrence (Lawry) Simon serves on the Advisory Board of Nanophyll Inc and actively supports its business development and sales across Canada. He also provides consulting services to construction supply organizations. Lawry has extensive experience in the construction supply and distribution sector primarily with manufacturers offering innovative cost-effective solutions to the end user. He has held senior management positions, including CEO and president of National Concrete Accessories, with full responsibility for P&L management, and has been instrumental in leading and achieving transformational change.

His responsibilities have included innovation management, team building, employee engagement, enterprise efficiency improvement, strategic planning, operational execution, investment strategy, acquisition and integration.

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13:45 — How can small and medium-sized firms innovate?

Aranka Anema
Eesmyal Santos-Brault
Lawrence Simon

Gardenia I & II

The construction industry is traditionally regarded as one of the least productive industries and slow to adopt new technology and innovations. With 70% of the industry comprised of small- and medium-sized enterprises, how can we help them innovate and accelerate adoption of new best practices? Gain some practical tips to kickstart your innovation program.