George Hegmann

Geographic Technical Lead, Assessment and Permitting, Stantec Environmental Services Canada

George Hegmann is the geographic technical lead for assessment and permitting with Stantec Environmental Services Canada (SESC). George has 24 years of experience in environmental impact assessments (EIA), most of which were for major oil and gas projects in western and northern Canada. He has provided guidance, training and strategic advice to government ministries and regulators regarding the practice of EIA. George represents the CCA as a member of the Multi-Interest Advisory Committee (MIAC) that advises the minister of environment and climate change on federal environmental assessment processes. Residing in Calgary, he is a professional engineer in Alberta and has a master’s degree in environmental science.

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10:45 — What legislation is on the horizon and what does it mean to you?

Ray Bassett
George Hegmann
Chris Lorenc

Gardenia I & II

As the world is evolving at a lightning pace, it is essential to see what could affect your business in the next few years. This session will provide an overview of primary legislation that could impact your business.  

George’s presentation