Eesmyal Santos-Brault

CEO, Recollective

Eesmyal Santos-Brault is an entrepreneur and investor with a mission to invent solutions to wicked problems through technology and social innovation.  He has cofounded 10 ventures in a variety of areas including green building, coworking, locative media, civic engagement, education, SaaS, and research. Some of these include Vancouver’s premier social impact coworking space The HiVE, a B-Corp certified consulting company (Recollective) that facilitates the design and construction of some of the greenest buildings in Canada, and a healthtech startup (Quantified Citizen) that’s building a platform for democratizing health science research through mobile technology.

Eesmyal on LinkedIn   @eesmyal

13:45 — How can small and medium-sized firms innovate?

Aranka Anema
Eesmyal Santos-Brault
Lawrence Simon

Gardenia I & II

The construction industry is traditionally regarded as one of the least productive industries and slow to adopt new technology and innovations. With 70% of the industry comprised of small- and medium-sized enterprises, how can we help them innovate and accelerate adoption of new best practices? Gain some practical tips to kickstart your innovation program.