Aranka Anema

Director, Exponential Innovation, KPMG LLP

Dr. Aranka Anema is a PhD scientist and entrepreneur focused on helping small and mid-sized companies leverage technology and data to ‘future-proof’ their business. Aranka is director of Exponential Innovation at KPMG in Vancouver, where she leads Canada’s first Ignition Centre – a corporate innovation lab. This is a space in which executives can learn about emerging technologies relevant to their industry, ideate new business models and prototype digital solutions.  She is particularly passionate about working with companies to leverage Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize their performance.

Aranka is alumni of University of British Columbia, Harvard and Singularity University.

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13:45 — How can small and medium-sized firms innovate?

Aranka Anema
Eesmyal Santos-Brault
Lawrence Simon

Gardenia I & II

The construction industry is traditionally regarded as one of the least productive industries and slow to adopt new technology and innovations. With 70% of the industry comprised of small- and medium-sized enterprises, how can we help them innovate and accelerate adoption of new best practices? Gain some practical tips to kickstart your innovation program.