Bermuda is a British overseas territory located in the North Atlantic Ocean a 2-hour, 45-minute plane ride from Toronto. It consists of 138 islands stretching some 35 kilometres in length and about a kilometre and a half across. Bridges and causeways connect the eight largest islands.

  • Capital: Hamilton
  • Currency: Bermudian dollar but USD is accepted everywhere
  • Main industries: Offshore financial services and tourism
  • Local dishes: Fish chowder served with black rum and sherry peppers as well as desserts with banana
  • Local drink: Dark ‘n Stormy (rum and ginger beer)
  • Weather in March: 21°/16°

Getting around

  • There are no rentals cars in Bermuda; however, you can rent a scooter. Just remember to drive on the left!
  • Public transportation is a great way to get around
  • Take a complimentary ferry from the conference hotel to Hamilton

Dress like a Bermudian

The “Bermuda rig,” or formal men’s outfit, includes a blazer, shorts, and knee socks. British military officers stationed on the island at the beginning of the 20th century found wearing long trousers too hot and snipped their uniform pants off at the knee. Max. 6 inches above the knee, the way to dress up Bermudas for business is to add a jacket and tie.

Discover Bermuda

Ways to discover Bermuda with the CCA conference

  • Colourful Bermudian welcoming reception – March 25
  • “Mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle” session – March 26
  • Fun night at the Royal Navy Dockyard and the National Museum of Bermuda – March 26
  • New chair’s beach party – an opportunity to check out the pink sand at the beach – March 28
  • Closing reception and dinner – Did you say British? – March 28

Other things to do

  • Take a 25-minute complimentary ferry ride from the conference hotel to Hamilton
  • Explore Crystal and Fantasy Caves with clear underground pools of azure blue water and spectacular formations of every size and shape. Located near the airport about 30-minute car ride from the conference hotel.
  • Explored shipwrecks by snorkeling. or

Golf doesn't get any better

Bermuda is a golfer’s paradise with six world-class courses threaded throughout the island – more golf courses per capita than anywhere else in the world. The best linksmen and women of the past century (not to mention movie stars, presidents and royalty) have played here. Each course is designed with diverse terrain and challenges as well as sweeping ocean views. Warning: After a round in Bermuda, other courses will likely pale in comparison.

Tales from the ocean floor article

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