Susan Staple

Interpretation Coordinator, Parks Canada

Susan has worked for Parks Canada for over twenty years, for various national parks and national historic sites. She has been working in Banff National Park for over 7 years and this park is very special to her for both personal and professional reasons. Her family connection to Banff National Park dates back to 1913; she is a fourth generation Parks Canada employee.

Susan is the manager of a very talented and enthusiastic interpretation team which is responsible for delivering personal programs to park visitors while sharing their appreciation and understanding of this very special place. Susan is also responsible for developing interpretive signage which allows visitors to explore the park on their own time and in their own way.

She holds Bachelor degrees in Environmental and Political Studies, with a focus on Ecotourism. She loves being out in the mountains hiking, cycling, paddling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. She has a passion for national parks; when she was 12 she set a personal goal to visit each of Canada’s national parks – to date she has visited 34 of 46 national parks.

14:30 — Protecting Banff’s Bears

Susan Staple

This session will cast light on the complexities involved in protecting one of Canada’s iconic species. Through behind-the-scenes video footage, meet dedicated and passionate team members as they trap and collar a female grizzly bear. Enter the world of forest dwellers as they examine test sites and have a few surprises!