Nick Bockstael

Director of Project Delivery, Principal / Project Manager

Nick Bockstael is part of the fourth generation leading Bockstael Construction Ltd. into growth and continuously improving project delivery. His industry experience includes hands-on building in the field, estimating, project management and operations management. His construction experience is complemented by three years of consulting design engineering with Stantec.

Nick has been a part of notable projects which include structural design of the Manitoba Hydro Riel Converter Station, Manitoba Hydro Dorsey Control Building Hardening, construction of the 21-storey Glasshouse Skylofts and the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre. Nick currently leads projects from pre-construction to completion, ensuring that value is delivered to clients.

Nick is involved in several industry committees, giving time back and learning from the community. He is currently the chair of the Young Construction Leaders of Manitoba and a board member with the Manitoba Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council.

13:00 — Not Your Father’s Construction Company: Taking over as the Next Generation Owner

John Bockstael
Nick Bockstael
Randy Clegg
Katy Fairley
Teri Urban

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It’s bound to be tough, no doubt about it. Hear about the common challenges and strategies to make the transition smooth as well as the considerations to ensure the continuity and prosperity of the business.