Mark Scharf

Director, Project Management Office, University of Calgary

As the director of the project management office for the University of Calgary, Mark Scharf is responsible for the delivery of capital projects across the organization. He oversees approximately 240 projects a year with an annual project spend of $70 – $100 million.  Mark brings more than 20 years of public-sector experience with both post-secondary and health organizations.  He takes pride in building strong teams and engaging diverse stakeholders to achieve outstanding results. He has implemented successes in capital construction by focusing on sustainability by securing LEED certifications and diversion of construction waste from landfill at a rate of greater than 75%.

13:00 — Pre-qualification: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Kees Cusveller
Mark Scharf
Ross Welsman

Shaughnessy/Beatty – Conference Center 2

There is a good deal of chatter about the over-use, misuse and abuse of pre-qualification by public sector owners. When is its use appropriate? What information is appropriate? What are some best practices?