Lynda Holleman

Interpretation Coordinator, Parks Canada

For the past nine years, Lynda has worked with Parks Canada in a variety of positions that involve helping visitors to develop a greater enjoyment and personal connection to Banff National Park. In her role as Interpretation Coordinator, she leads a team of enthusiastic park interpreters. They create and deliver programs, activities and events which inspire appreciation and support of the natural and cultural history of the park.

She holds Bachelor degrees in Communications and Visual Arts and is fascinated with the art of landscape photography. Aside from work, she explores the Mountain National Parks as frequently as possible and has a great passion for hiking, backcountry camping, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing throughout those majestic areas.

09:30 — Making Canada’s Busiest Highway Safe for People and Wildlife

Lynda Holleman

This session showcases how Parks Canada has become a global leader in conservation by reducing wildlife highway mortalities and succeeding in making roads safer not only for people, but for wildlife.