Kees Cusveller

Vice President, Business Development, ‎Graham Group

Kees Cusveller began his career as a project coordinator, moving his way through senior project management and into corporate and senior management roles, providing leadership and direction to all operating groups and branches in the procurement and execution of non-traditional projects. With both a business and technical background, his leadership and innovative forward thinking has been responsible for strategic initiatives and alternative project delivery successes. During his tenure at Graham, he has responded to many pre-qualifications, RFQ and RFP proposal calls – some good, some bad, and some ugly. He is very skilled at thinking outside the box to create well-thought-out and creative responses for many public and private owners.

Kees is on the executive and board of the Canadian Construction Association (CCA), and is past chair of the Alberta Construction Association, Calgary Construction Association and the Calgary General Contractors Association. As part of his role at CCA he chairs the Gold Seal Certification program as well as the CCA General Contractors Council.

13:00 — Pre-qualification: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Kees Cusveller
Mark Scharf
Ross Welsman

Shaughnessy/Beatty – Conference Center 2

There is a good deal of chatter about the over-use, misuse and abuse of pre-qualification by public sector owners. When is its use appropriate? What information is appropriate? What are some best practices?