James Ramsay

Senior Associate, The Humphrey Group

James Ramsay is a senior associate with The Humphrey Group. He provides one-on-one coaching and group training seminars, and focuses on working with executives to develop and refine their communication skills.

In keeping with The Humphrey Group’s guiding philosophy, James believes that every communication represents an opportunity to inspire. This principle is central to his work with clients. James has worked with leaders in many industries including transportation, retail, mining, financial services, and health sciences. Regardless of industry or role, the need for leaders to communicate with clarity and engagement is consistent.

Alongside James’ work as a coach and instructor, he oversees many of The Humphrey Group’s enterprise-scale relationships.

James is passionate about his work. He understands that effective communications coaching has the power to transform people – to change the way they describe their ideas, and ultimately, to enable them to truly inspire their audiences.



13:00 — Speaking as a Leader

James Ramsay

Shaughnessy/Beatty – Conference Center 2

This interactive session will show you how to transform your approach to communications – and in doing so, to dramatically change the way others hear and embrace your ideas.