Chic Scott

Mountain Guide

Chic Scott was born in Calgary in 1945 and is a fourth-generation Albertan and a third-generation Calgarian. In 1962 he took up mountain climbing and skiing and these 2 passions have dominated his life ever since.

His odyssey has taken him from the icefields of the Canadian Rockies to the historic climbs of the European Alps. In all seasons, on foot and on skis he has followed his passion. Some of his major adventures over the years have been a first winter ascent of Mount Assiniboine (1967), the first Jasper to Lake Louise High Level Ski Traverse (1967), the Aiguille du Dru North Face in the French Alps (1973), and the Myagdi Matha (1973)- the first Himalayan summit reached by a Canadian. His guidebook “Summits and Icefields” is a classic of the genre, while “Pushing Limits, the Story of Canadian Mountaineering”, is considered the authority on the subject.

10:45 — The Magic of Banff and the Rocky Mountains

Chic Scott

Shaughnessy/Beatty – Conference Center 2

What is so magical about a mountain top? Hear from a real long-time mountain guide who has climbed and skied around the world, organized clubs and foundations, written books and worked as a mountain guide.