Art Winslow

Certified Lean Instructor, Graham

With more than 25 years of construction industry experience, Art was selected to lead Graham Construction’s Lead IPD Journey. Graham Construction, who has office across North America, has embarked on a company wide transformation into creating a culture of continuous improvement in all its offices.

Art was the project director for Canada’s first and largest fully integrated Lean IPD project, the Moose Jaw Hospital. More recently, Art oversaw the successful completion of Canada’s first post-secondary project using the IPD model at St. Jerome’s University in Waterloo, Ontario. Currently, he is a Lean advisor on several Lean and IPD projects across Canada.

He has consulted with a variety of Canadian and provincial governments, infrastructure groups and NGOs as well as presented at many industry functions across North America. He is on the Canadian Construction Documents Committee’s taskforce that is creating the Canadian standard IPD agreement and sits on the board of Lean Construction Institute – Canada.

13:00 — Leveraging IPD and Lean on Public Projects

Art Winslow

D.C. Coleman – Conference Center 2

The Town of Oakville, ON, is one of the first municipalities in Canada to use a full integrated project delivery (IPD) approach coupled with Lean principles for its Oakville Arena redevelopment project.